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We work with farmers who protect the soil so that you & future generations can have the cleanest & tastiest curries possible.

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Our curries are USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Palm Oil Free and Paleo / Keto Friendly. Wow your loved ones with delicious homemade curry that is simple to prepare yet so satisfying!

Create delicious curry in minutes with Mike’s Organic.

Get fresh & flavorful Thai cuisine without hassle! Made with finest ingredients & biodynamic farming techniques.

The Gold Standard of Curry

Small batches made in Thailand, because let's face it, mass-produced curry paste is as lame as a plain tofu sandwich. Our secret ingredient? Love. And also a lot of chili peppers. Proceed with caution!
Our organic curry pastes may cause a sudden urge to book a one-way ticket to Thailand and never come back. Proceed with caution and a side of rice!


Red Thai Curry Paste

Our Red Thai Curry Paste is a flavorful blend of dried red chili, lemongrass, shallots, makrut leaves, and galangal.

Yellow Thai Curry Sauce

Our Yellow Thai Curry Sauce is a flavorful blend of lemongrass, dried red chili, shallots, red turmeric and coconut milk.

Mike’s Organic Variety 6 Pack

Our Curry Pastes are certified USDA Organic, vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, nut free, dairy free and preservative free.


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Ah, Red Thai Curry Paste


What's Been Said


Absolutely delicious! I’ve been looking for years for a curry paste with this depth of flavor. It’s absolutely amazing to finally be able to make authentic Thai curry without having to make it from scratch.


Follow the instructions and you will have a great, tasty, quick meal. I like a bit more bold flavor so I add some garlic, ginger, and sichuan chili flakes to the sauce before adding the coconut milk. Great served with rice and noodles!

Pritiben Patel

We love Mike's products. They have saved our family many times from ordering take out or settling for something less nutritious. They are a staple in our kitchen!!!! Essential for anyone who is health conscious and loves delicious home-cooked meals. Thank you Mike + Team.

Meg Fitzgerald

I was particularly drawn to this product because it is organic. I had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and was looking for ways to use sauce other than marinara. I used this paste with equal amounts of homemade tomato sauce and coconut milk and combined with chickpeas over rice. It was delicious! I have a freezer full of tomato sauce for the winter, so plan to have many quick easy meals when I need them!

Amazon Customer

My family really likes the flavor of this curry and it has just the right amount of spice.


First off, these smell amazing as you put them in the pan. Mix them with one can of coconut milk, and you have the perfect simmer sauce for any combo of veggies. You can't go wrong with potatoes, carrots, and onions, but I'm convinced that it will really make anything taste good. It's the perfect pairing with an Instant Pot, because the coconut milk provides the needed liquid to prevent burning, so no added water is required!


An easy way to get a quick meal in. The only think I do different from the instructions is I saute' some veggies and take them out of the pan. Then I add the spice mix and the coconut milk and stir to combine. Then I add the Tofu and at the end I add back in the saute'd veggies and a cup of defrosted peas. It's delicious and quick!

KD Shell

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